Movements Beckoning to Arise

A new wind is rushing in.

I feel the calling arise with me.

Radical transformation,



Demanding, for movement to become possible within the collective DNA.

I feel a shift rising within me.

The supernatural wind of Spirit.

Ruach Rising!

Ready to blow down generations of oppression.

Once understood to be a necessary punishment,

Now realized by those with eyes open wide,

To be the unlawful chastisement of individuation realized.

Propagated by the tread of failures all one’s own.

Eyes sewn shut,

A refusal to acknowledge the mirror image of reflection.

I see

I feel

I dread…

The fiery furnace of unrenounced karmic attachment,

Patiently, vindictively…

Looming over the epigenetics of the unborn.

Stolen innocence…

Proliferating forward.

A shooting pain unrenownced to blinded generations,

Yet to embody in human form.

Aggrandized DNA clutter,

I realize the unintended destruction and suffering carried forward.

A consequence of unsurrendered ego,

Choosing to live in the antithesis of miss-direction of ones calling.

In rebellious infidelity,

Distance to one’s Creator replaces Union,

The elevation of self becomes paramount.

Entropy into darkness inclines one’s endpoint.

Purpose lost,

With the Great, I AM out of reach.

Fragility becomes their confidant,

The inability to receive one’s inheritance from Grace.

Unwilling to receive the divine gifts,

Blessings in the form of teaching through opportunities of growth are rejected.

Invitations from an unknown traveler; Me.

A rescuer in disguise,

I hold the keys to storehouses filled with the treasure of wealth and knowledge,

But I am unwelcome.

And just like that.

The power to transmute darkness,

Can be abruptly silenced to the void of dreams deferred.

Unbridled distortions,

Masquerading as paramount masculinity,

Become the antithesis to our salvation.

While the divine feminine is patiently waiting for the chance to be integrated within.

Wounds of abandonment;

The scars of childhood,

imprint on a labyrinth of barriers guarding the soul.

Divine support adequately in reach,

Yet the fear of death to self,

Becomes the intimidation of the rejection Truth.

Divine movements of love,

Awaiting the invitation for healing to begin.


If inhibition remains,

I fear the cycle will repeat again.

Copyright © 2017 – By Imani Nia Rutledge


Waters Be My Guide

Standing at the edge of Earth

Where the waters meet the broken land

I hear the song of Oshun, sung

Spirit of the Sweet Waters

Gentle streams, bubbling up

Swift rivers and rushing currents

Carried by the flow of motion

Culminating in magnificent falls

Nourishing rivers alive with creative force

Strength in power 

Commanding with grace

Flowing through the Earth unyielding

Balanced with the integrity of time

Feeding all the Earth’s inhabitants

Giving us life, without return

Dwindling down to a trickles flow

Patiently carving out the land 

Standing still in the beauty before me

Her messages of love, resound within

Enveloping me in her Grace of solace

I awaken into her wisdom abound

Blessed water, be my guide

Carry me on your current’s flow

Teach me your ways 

Awaken your strength in and through me

Let your courage be my breath

Show me what it means to rest

Invite me into your surrender

– Ashe

Copyright © 2017 By Imani Nia Rutledge

Day Twenty: The Wounded Healer (Enter with Caution: Super Deep)

Very well written…Thank you immensely to Everyday Aspergers for sharing this piece from your soul…With Love and Gratitude:

Everyday Asperger's

The Wounded Healer

Often my philosophical prose presents itself to me as a stream of consciousness.  The words usually come as I am drifting to sleep or just about to awake. This particular philosophical prose The Wounded Healer appeared as I was resting on the acupuncture table. The message was shown as a page, resembling a scroll. I read the words (in my mind) and heard them simultaneously (with my inner voice).  It feels something akin to being a vessel that is downloading information.  This gives me the sense that there is much information in energy itself. I like to tease my husband and say, “I am either a genius or getting help from somewhere.” I tend to believe the latter.

I propose that many of us our wounded healers.

I offer this out as an example of philosophical prose. Take or leave what you want from this. It is…

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Mother Earth…Father Sky

Hands lifted to the sky

Soul cries out within

Feet firmly rooted in the ground

Tuning to the pulse of Mother Earth

Can you hear Her?

Spirit Mother

She speaks to you from above

Can you feel Her?


She rattles deep within your bones


Swaying left and right


Holding you close all at night


Clothed in her warm embrace


Holiness inviting you to individuate


Embodiment of Divine within


All that is fertile, living, nurturing


To the silent nights cry

Trees swaying

Birds laughing

Oceans waves

Raging tide

Father Thunder

Divine Spoken Being

Infinite Word

Miraculous Unseen


Watching over

His children from above

Divine Guidance

Past, Present, Future

Complementing the Holy Dove

Son on tree

Embodiment of Love

Word became flesh

Transcendent Hope for All

Sacred Christ

Living in and through me

Heavenly Trifecta

Merkaba Complete

Feet to the Earth

Hands to the sky

Spirit within

I Am unified

Copyright © 2016 – Imani Nia Rutledge


Returning to Mother Earth

I used to be more connected to the spiritual dimensions of all life…what happened?

I had the honor of listening to a lecture today by Marko Pogačnik, the author of Sacred Geography: Geomancy: Co-Creating the Earth Cosmos. While gleaning from the wisdom of his personal journey of reconstructing the sacred teachings and understandings of Geomacy, the material and spiritual planetary anatomy of Mother Earth or Gaia, it became very clear to me, that somewhere along the way, I had become disconnected from the full awareness of myself and my connection to All that Is, living breathing consciousness that flows through all life.

There was a time when having a pleasant chat with a squirrel, or willfully inviting the presence of bees was common place to me. Just another day communing with the unpredictability and mystery of Nature. I would take long walks through the park, admiring every leaf, stone and ray of sunshine that caught my glance, with a childlike wonder and awe. Sitting in the presence of squirrels, birds, insects and ants, became my sanctuary where I could commune with God and search for answers deep within myself.

The silent symphony of Nature was truly a wonder to behold. Where others saw boredom and discomfort by the lack of human technology, I saw a kingdom alive with activity, sounds and life!

When I sank into a deep despair over three years ago, I began to forget the magik that Gaia holds. I no longer sought out the birds, I doubted my capacity to be in a state of love, and I became clouded by the allure of modern lights and social belonging.

City life has  way of sucking you dry deep within your soul…

I began to discard my interest in Nature as my plants began to wither and die, and I started to doubt my connection and question whether it was all just an illusion or life…

When I first began to experience my transformation and spiritual awakening. I began to open up to a new level of experiencing reality, that was previously unknown to me.

All the sudden sunsets became magnificent paintings. Contrasting clashes of violent reds with soothing pinks and mixed with awe-inspiring landscape of bright orange Sahara deserts and the playful blue-violet waters of the Nile. I could stare for moments which seemed like hours, as the sun set each night from my perfect view on the 12th floor. It was like in that passionate display the Earth came alive and allowed me to witness its healing song dancing across the stage of the evening sky.

God spoke to me through Nature…and I heard it loud and clear.

The grass became my holy rug…and a canopy of trees my temple here.

Not only did Nature become a part of me…but I became a part of  Nature.

My language began to change…as a silenced my thoughts and opened up my heart. Here I began to learn where and how all living things are connected.

Woven together like a tapestry, each living creature symbiotically connected to a greater sphere…Gaia Mother Earth, God’s gift to life and all mankind.

The energy that I feel running through a tree, synching with the rhythm of my heart’s beat.

The support in a community of a flock of geese provided a revelation for how humanity could one day be.

To feel the pulse of the Earth.

To listen to the song of the morning gull.

To smell the crisp fragrance of winters snow moments before it rains;

These were the senses that harmonized my being in peace.

There was a connection I know I had.

And I will have it again.

To touch a plant and make it grow.

And see the poetry held within a weeping willow.

My hands are made to touch this Earth, to bring healing to its core, unification to its lands.

The wisdom of the elders shakes my very bones.

Urging me to reconnect.

It’s time to come Home.


Copyright © 2016 – By, Imani Nia Rutledge





…but I am also Black.

I am spiritual…but I am also black.

I am educated…but I am also black.

I am sofisticated…but I am also black.

I am accepting…but I am also black.

I am conscious…but I am also black.

I am a woman…but I am also black.

I am young…but I am also black.

I am beauty…but I am also black.

I am forgiving…but I am also black.

I am honest…but I am also black.

I am understanding… but I am also black.

I am peaceful…but I am also black.

I am loving…but I am also black.

I am an American…but I am also black.

I am light skinned…but I am also black.

I have friends from diverse backgrounds…but I am also black.

I accept you as you are…but I am also black.

I recognize that “We’ve come this far by faith…but,

I am Still Black.

I see the future…but I won’t forget the past.

I believe in mercy…but not without justice.

I will try to fit in…but I won’t forget who I am.

I will appreciate your culture…

but I won’t forget mine.


I am Black.

I am African.

I am descended from the ones who were stolen from our land.

I am strong.

I am resilient.

And I will fight to build a home for my people in this foreign land.

I am joy.

I am Faith.

I am living proof that 400 years of slavery cannot break the spirit of greatness that flows through our veins.

I am persistent.

I am creative.

I am the fulfillment of “We shall overcome”.

I am the key.

I am unity.

I am the vision of how “We can work together”.

I am human.

I am soul.

I am spirit.

But I am also Black…

And that I can’t ignore.



° Copyright 2016 By, Imani Nia Rutledge


I will not silence myself,

To make it easier for others to enjoy the lies that they have become accustomed to.

Instead, I will speak a Truth

That will both liberate me and set a generation of people free.

I am Harmony,

I stand at the crossroad.

Of where culture, race, religion, nationality, identity, and creed meet.

I will sing the song of the Unity, of One Humanity.

While not forgetting to bear witness, to the horrors of brutality and objectification, that have separated us.

I will acknowledge the experience that unifies us all.

A community of shared identification; common oppression.

I will point out the injustices of our modern enslaved world.

While weaving a thread of Grace,

That will free us from the entrapment of division and pain.

I will honor the experience that divides us…

While I honor the Vision which Unites us…

I will Voice the journey of our shared road,

While I honor the path that separated us…

I will be a Voice for Healing,

Yet I will not forget to honor our history of suffering…

I will embody the Value of us all,

While demanding Dignity where it has been lost…

I will be a Voice for Love,

While remembering that Love also demands Justice.



Copyright 2015 © Imani Nia Rutledge, MPH

Where are you?

There is one

Who holds my heart

And even when I want to run away

I somehow find my way back to the path that leads to him

His soul is like a lost friend

Finally coming home

Stitched together through space and time

Never to part again

His smile is like a box of candy

Sweet and nostalgic

Reminding me of childhood days

Joyfully playing in the sand

His love is like an umbrella

Always there when I need him

To cover me in times of rain

Yet humbly tucked away when I need to expand

His love is a friendship

Running wide and deep

Inside jokes and unspoken understanding

A language of our own

His hugs are warm and cuddly

Like a big teddy bear

A warm to place to lay my head

Comforting yet strong and safe

His care goes beyond his words

A silent knowing deep within

His commitment is evident

His actions speaking loudly

Humbly stepping in to offer a hand

At the slightest glimpse of my distress

Words so deep

His eyes can only whisper them

Yet not quite understanding

The depth that is held within

His hands are gentle

Carefully caressing mine

Outlining with wonder and appreciation

Every small detail they find

His curiosity intriguing

Bringing a smile to my face

Always thinking of new ideas

To explore the next adventure

His heart, ever unfolding

A beautiful treasure and rare gold

Cautious yet trusting

Deeply loving, caring, feeling and knowing

His childlike wonder

Bringing a smile to my face

Inviting me to stay and play

Reminding me of who I am

Surrendering to the gentle flow

His forgiveness is plentiful

 Always open to understand

Inviting me to go inward and self examine

Beckoning me to be more patient

His heart is always true

A playful spirit so enthralled with life

So sensitive to the plight of forgotten bliss

Unwilling to accept no as an answer

He seeks to bring order and harmony to this world

There is one who holds my heart

But our time has not yet come

A friendship bound through space and time

This love will never to come undone


By Imani Nia Rutledge, MPH © 2015





Masks, we all wear them…

but Why?

Because some where, at some time, some one told us that this is the way we were supposed to be…and we believed them.

Betrayal of the self.

And I listened to them?

Why? Well thats the question, isn’t it.

Masks, we all wear them.

We go to work and are expected to play a role. You know like in a circus, but instead of clowns and tigers, you have men and women with suites, badges, time cards, awards and tricks of the trade.

Playing the role becomes a tool of survival.

Like you know. When your walking up there on the tightrope 4000 feat in the air, and you don’t want to look down because your biggest fears are staring you in the face. So you take a deep breath, look straight ahead and put on your best face, knowing that the only way to survive is to focus on the goal and keep moving forward.

The goal…

Wait a second.

Who said the goal had to be walking a tightrope 4000 feet in the air?

Well some one, some where, at some time told you so…and you believed them.

So now your stuck in a circus, performing some ridiculous act, so that the crowd below can get their ticket’s worth.

Do you see where i’m going here?

Now I ask myself…when did I sign up for the circus… Then answer is, I don’t remember, but i’m ready to resign…

Because I was never created to live at the circus… I was made to BE FREE! Live Free, and BE who God created me to be.

Masks, we all wear them.

Hiding the true self.

You know, the self that some one, some where, at some time told us was “to much”, “to different”, “to bold” “to out there”, “to ambitious”, “to shy”, “to loud” “to smart”, “to weird”, “to creative”, “to ___________” you fill in the blank…

To ME… To YOU…

But somewhere along the way we all trade in our truly beautiful face for a store bought, factory made, one size fits all…Mask.

The mask that we wear fearfully, hiding us, protecting us, shielding us from the fear of judgement, from others, or worse…not fitting in. This Mask becomes a shield. A shield we hold up when in social circles, desperately trying to fit into a mold of who we think we should be, based upon the social status of those around us, and if one mask doesn’t fit just right…don’t worry they come in other colors, and in fact we have several of them stashed away for when were desperately searching for a new persona to appease those which who we want to fit in with.

How sad that the beauty of our face that would truly bring a touch of color and inspiration to the company of others, is hidden behind a dull, slightly worn, less than per…mask…

Masks, we all wear them.

Trying to hide the scars, gently tucked away behind ruffled baggy clothing, highly priced fashion or long flowing hair. We hide the scars that dare reveil…we are in fact not perfect, but rather hurt, torn and confused…

Hurt deeply…from all the years of stifling the very essence of our being… Locking away the parts of our soul that were not accepted, and punishing the hopes that dare whisper our most deepest desires. Suffocating our true nature, joy and self expression behind… cheaply painted masks.

Longing for freedom…

But not enough to risk the exposure of baring our inner Truth.

Masks, we all wear them…

But but we long to be Free…

The Truth is that it only takes one action to begin tour path to freedom.

Just one step… Faith

Letting go.

To bear our soul to the Son who sets free, so that we can be free indeed, Jesus the Christ (John 8:36)…

To be embraced by the One who said cast all your burdens on Me because I care for you, the Creator and Redeemer (1 Peter 5:7).

To be Loved by the everlasting LOVE of the Devine, who is Love, Emanuel God With Us (Jeremiah 31:3/1 John 4:8 ).

So that we Can BE Free…

Take off your mask.

And Live.


By Imani  Nia Rutledge – 2015 ©


The State of Matter

Theres this very thin veil between what we experience as the physical reality and the actual spiritual reality, and every day this veil is becoming thiner and thinner.

Yet the more we encounter the mysterious nature of the spiritual reality and tap into the metaphysical elements of our reality, the boundaries set by our previous understanding of the physical reality become more of a lifeboat in which we cling on to, in order to maintain our own comprehension of what is “real”.

It is difficult to think of our spiritual reality as part of our physical reality, yet they are very much one in the same. The only issue is we can not easily assess the spiritual reality with our 5 physical senses, without tapping into our 6th dimensional knowing of extra sensory perception, which comes through through healing the brokenness with our spiritual connection.

Quantum Mechanics has does an excellent job of attempting to quantify the existence of matter and energy beyond the physical reality. Through the exploration of string theory, gravitons, dark matter and torrodial energy fields, we can examine several theories that seek to account for the non-physical components of our universe. Needs more support…

Energy is the building block for everything that exists. Like the First Law of Thermodynamics states “Energy is conserved; it can be neither created nor destroyed”. This is the fundamental precept that governs our universe along with the Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics. What this law is stated is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but will be conserved in its essence through its transformation into new form of energy.

String Theory postulates, that at the sub-atomic level all matter is made up of energy, and that it vibrates at different frequencies, from which determine the composition and make up matter.

When we look at these scientific constructs, we can see how the idea that we are souls living within physical bodies, which are supported by our energetic field or “spirit” is actually quite grounded in our understanding of the physical reality, and the two are not that separate from each other.

What is known as the spiritual nature of our being, our spirit, soul, energy system, is not separate from what we understand to be our physical body. Solid matter as we perceive it, is actually not solid at all, but rather rather made up of energy in the form of molecules, atoms, quarks, particles ect. vibrating at a rate so slow that it appears to be solid.

Look at the example of water. At its molecular level it is composed of the elements Hydrogen and Oxygen, which when bound together form H2O or water. However water does not always present itself in solid form. It can be transformed into liquid and/or gas, depending on varying environmental conditions, mainly temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the molecules move, and the less solid water becomes, till it loses its shape all together in the form of gas. The energy that makes up our universe operates in the same way, though at a much more intricate level, with infinite variables interacting with each other in infinite probabilities.

We perceive our physical reality as solid. For example our physical body is a solid form of matter or energy that has a defined shape that can be maintained under the ideal environmental conditions. However we also have the more fluid energy “qi” or “prana” that flows along our body along energy currents, known in Chinese Medicine as Meridians or in Ayurveda, Nadis, that is a measurable electrical current stimulated by the life spark from our natural pacemaker the Heart. This fluid energy, flows throughout our body bringing live energy to all our body systems and is a part of us, and though unseen, is very much real and necessary for life.

Not only is the electrical energy of our body fluid, but emotions are also known to be fluid, and are often described to be as unpredictable as changing water, feeling like a wave rushing over us, or as deep as an ocean. Emotions are thought to be a form of energy all its own, that is transformed into many forms, often seeming out of our control.

There is also the mental energy, which is comprised of our experiences, personality and thoughts. Our mentally energy is literally made up of an immense network of bio-electrical and bio-chemical neural-pathways that store conscious and unconscious memories in our brain. Aside from the physical matter which makes up our brain, mental energy is also carried as electrical currents and chemical neural transmitters.

The energy field that surrounds our body, transitionally known as the Aura in Yoga and more recently identified as the Torus energy field, is even harder to identify, and likens to that of the gaseous nature of water vapor. Only able to been seen under certain conditions, it is elusive to many but very much real. This energy field which supports the physical, mental and emotional structures of our body and known to connect us to the spiritual parts of ourselves, angelic beings and God, falls within a spectrum of light that can not be readily seen by our eyes. However it, can be detected by certain people and some animals such as cats who have a wider range to their vision which can see higher frequencies of light.

So in looking at the physical reality and the energetic/spiritual reality through the lens of energy, with the example of water, we can see that they physical and energetic reality are one. One which can be called the spiritual reality because we are Born of Spirit and science is simply the discovery of the Science of God/Spirit which has and will always exist. Energy is the substance from which all matter is made up of and energy is transferable into any necessary form. So therefore it cannot be divided up into physical vs. spiritual but rather should be looked at as a spectrum spanning from lower to higher vibrating frequencies and forms. With the lower frequencies being closer to solids and the higher frequencies being close to ether or “pure spirit”, the infinite unbounded highest potential of energy. The stem cell from which all matter is created, ie. GOD.


Copyright 2015 © – Imani Nia Rutledge